www.etsy.com/shop/AllSylviasCreations by Sylvia

Today’s featured shop from the Promote My Store Team is www.etsy.com/shop/AllSylviasCreations.  Syvlia makes a variety of kitchen and baby items.

Sylvia shares this information on her profile page, “We love making fun practical items. As women, we are in the kitchen many hours of the day, so why not make it more fun to work there:) Take a look at our different dish/pot scrubbers. They are colorful to look at and fun to use as well as durable. We make them in a variety of shapes and sizes, and every so often, we will come out with a fun new design :)”


I love the bright colors and fun shapes of Sylvia’s pot scrubbers.

You could purchase several of Sylvia’s items to create a gift basket for a new bride or as a housewarming present.  An apron, colorful pot scrubbers, and a trivet in a bread basket could make a creative gift set.

www.etsy.com/shop/Twenty3Design by Debbie

Are you close to celebrating a life event like a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party?  Perhaps you know someone who is getting married soon.  Rather than buying a normal Christmas present, why not buy  decorations or favors to help contribute to their special day? When my husband and I got married, a friend purchased our programs for us.



Debbie’s shop, www.etsy.com/shop/Twenty3Design,  features lovely wedding decor, favor bags, gift tags, and even table numbers.  She dresses up decorative bird cages to use as card holders.  After the wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower is finished, the bird cage can be used as home decor.  If you wanted to add something to the birdcage to make the gift extra special, you could purchase candles or bath products.

For Etsy shop newbies, take a look at Debbie’s shop and you can learn tips to improve your shop.  Debbie has clearly photographed items.  She incorporates several trends like chalkboard tags, burlap, birds, and rustic wedding decor.  All these elements give her shop a cohesive look and taps into a broad market of customers.

Debbie says this on her profile page:  “Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop. I create handmade, original, and unique designs just for you. My passion is designing and creating.  You’ll find anything from jewelry to burlap to lavender sachets to ribbon in my shop. When I create, I include it in my shop until it finds its way to your home. Making items for showers & weddings is a delight! Every customer is special to me and I will work with you on color schemes, quantities, sizes, and deadlines. Please let me know if you have any questions or have a special order in mind. If you have something in mind but don’t see it in my shop, just let me know! “

Favorite materials

burlap, muslin, card stock, beads, charms, vintage

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www.etsy.com/shop/AgainstTheGrainNC by Florian

Today’s featured shop is www.etsy.com/shop/AgainstTheGrainNC which is my husband’s shop.  Yeah, I am biased.  I happen to love his home decor items.  Many of his items would make wonderful Christmas gifts as well as gifts for yourself.  ;)  If you are looking for unique, handmade home decor, Florian’s shop carries various items.


This is my absolute favorite item. This pine serving tray with oiled bronze handles has a dark stain and accents any holiday decor.


Florian also makes lovely shelves with mason jars which can be used as change holders or even planters.  Add a little potting soil and a pansy and you have natural decorations.


Barn wood is also used in some of Florian’s designs.  This particular barn wood was reclaimed from a saw mill right here in North Carolina.

These are just a few other items available in Florian’s shop:

I hope you will stop by my husband’s shop for your Christmas shopping as well as the other shops previously featured from the Promote My Store Team!

WhimsicalMimsys on Etsy: Specializing in Custom Crochet Items by Kasha

Crocheted items have been popular for the last few style seasons.  Buying handmade items from small business owners allows you to get a fashion accessory or home goods to fit your personal style.  Kasha’s shop is no exception.  WhimsicalMimsys opened earlier this year and carries many types of crocheted gift items.  Kasha even takes custom requests.

“I am a stay at home mom with 2 rambunctious boys. My hobby is of course crochet. I love the satisfaction I get from watching a single strand of yarn transform into beautiful items.

In my shop you will find items for all ages and budgets in mind. From handmade jewelry for children and adults to hats of all styles and ages you are sure to find something.”

Favorite materials

yarn, buttons


This sweet baby hat taps into a few of the popular fashion trends.  It includes stripes, crochet, buttons, and the cute handmade floral embellishment.


Another item Kasha offers is this scarf.  I happen to love the lace effect and the button embellishment.  Other items include bottle holders, mug warmers, fingerless gloves, and even patterns.

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Let’s Get Real About Ebola

Ebola. It seems like this topic is taking over social media. Some people I know have expressed anger, worry, and fear.  So let’s get real about Ebola.

In 1918 there was a global flu pandemic. According to statistics, 500,000 people were infected worldwide and 3% of the population died.

According to the CDC, the current death toll of Ebola this year is nearly 9,000. Although this is tragic, when you compare the number of people who contract the flu in one normal flu season globally, 9,000 is a drop in the bucket. You are more likely to get a cold or be in a car accident than you are likely to contract Ebola.

Secondly, Ebola spreads in countries for several reasons. Eating under cooked meat and coming to contact with contaminated blood, bodily fluids, and tissue of contaminated animals are just two ways Ebola is transmitted. If a person butchers an animal which is contaminated, this person can then become infected.

There are a few commonalities between the countries which have experienced outbreaks. Two of which are poor sanitation and poor health care. This is true of many illnesses. Illness spreads quickest when people do not have healthy sources of food and readily available sources of water with which to wash.

According to the Mayo Clinic, WHO, and the CDC; people are more likely to survive Ebola if IV fluids are administered. Simple, right? Stay hydrated and the probability of surviving is increased.

I can understand why someone might feel frustrated or fearful if they live in the areas surrounding the outbreaks or have a loved one living in those areas. However, you can curb your anxiety by first doing some research for yourself and stop constantly watching the news about it.

In the late 80’s, I remember several news reports and documentaries about the spread of swarms of killer bees. Supposedly, killer bees were estimated to arrive on the east coast of the United States and sting people to death with 2-3 years. Guess what? It didn’t happen. The media does like to stir the pot and sometimes the reports give the worst case scenarios. Remember those words. . . Worst case scenario. Worst case does not mean most likely.