Cushing’s Syndrome

Life has recently been getting in the way.  This time it is in the form of mind numbing exhaustion and completely uncontrolled high blood pressure.

At the moment, I am waiting for results from labs to see if I have Cushing’s Syndrome.  Not feeling well enough to write a detailed treatise, so here are a few links:


Making Treasuries on Etsy: Step-by-Step

Treasuries are simply a collection of items from other shops that you like and want to promote.  Often treasury games are posted on team discussion pages and encourage you to promote your team member’s items.

The benefit to you is that many times those shop owners will promote your items and create a treasury which includes your items.

**Open two windows for your Etsy shop.  To learn how to do this, go to this post:

When all of the treasury spots have been filled with shops, then follow these steps.

1.  In the first window, click this link: or go to the Etsy main page after you log into your account.  You can do this by finding the Etsy logo in the top left corner.  It is the bright orange box in the top left corner.  Click on the orange box.

2.  Now you are at the main page.  Go to the list of menu options on the left hand corner.  Go all the way down until you are at the bottom menu box. There is a title which says, “More Ways to Shop” in black lettering. Find the word “Treasury.” It is the 4th word in that box.  (Tip:  Any time words are highlighted in blue on Etsy, you can click on those words and it will take you to that section.)

3. Now you are on the treasury page.  Go to the right hand side and click, “Create a Treasury” under Curator Tools.  (Definition:  You are the curator.)

4. You are now at a blank treasury page.  This is for you to fill the empty spots with other shop member’s items.  You can refer to the post listed at this link:

5.  In the second window, you will navigate between the list on your team page and the blank treasury. Use the list of members who signed up for the promotion game to create your treasury.  This is a copy of our list.  I am going to use the first 8 members to create my treasury and then I am going to choose 8 other items from anywhere to finish the treasury.


6.  Click on the first shop owner’s web address to click on their shop. I usually look at the items and either choose a color theme or an item I like for inspiration.  Click on the item you like. I like this particular item:

Go to the very top of the page and find the web address (url).  Click anywhere on the address.  This will highlight the address.  Using the mouse or buttons on your laptop, use the right button and click again.  A white drop down menu will appear.  Click on the word, “Copy.”

This is my treasury that I made for the purpose of this blog post:

7.  Go back to the first window for the blank treasury form. Place your cursor in one of the boxes which says, “LISTING URL.” Right click in the box.  The drop down menu will appear again.  Click on the word, “Paste.”  The item you picked will appear in the box. Click the word, “ok.”  The item will appear in the box.

8. In the first box, go back to your team’s discussion page for the list of members participating in the game.

9.  Repeat steps 5-8 until you filled in the first eight boxes. I am skipping my shop as it is in the first 8 shops of the list.  The theme I am creating is yellow, blue, and green.

10.  For the next 8 items, go to the first window.  In the main search bar, search any word you want to find items for your treasury.  For instance, I typed in “blue” and thousands of items turned up.  Click on an item you like which blends well with your theme. Repeat steps 6-8 until the last 8 boxes are filled.

11. Go to the title box on the treasury form and add a title.  You can add a message if you want to do so.

12. In the tags box, add your team tag (ex: pmt, avidteam, 123team).  Then add other descriptive words to help customers find your items.

13.  You can arrange your items by clicking and holding the button down to drag it to another box.  Always keep your team members in the first 8 boxes.

14. Find the blue “save” button under the pictures.  Click save.  Always, always save!

15.  Now you need to notify members that they are included in your treasury.  Copy the web address of your treasury first.  Then click on the first item.  Click on the ask a question button just above the “add to cart” button on the right side of the page.  A message box will appear.  Paste the web address of your treasury to the message box.  Add a personal message.  This is an example of my message:

Your item is featured in my latest treasury. Enjoy!


You can copy your first message and paste it to the other notification messages you send. Click the send button.

16.  Go back to your treasury page and repeat step 15 until all the shops have been notified.

17.  Go back to your treasury and favorite each item.  You can promote it further by adding it to your Pinterest Board or Facebook page.

How to Make Treasuries on Etsy

Treasury Basics:

Try not to repeat featuring two items from the same shop. If you do feature one of your own items, only feature one. The purpose is to make new connections with shop owners you don’t normally interact act with or team members whose merchandise you like and want to promote in a theme. By featuring many shops, they will most likely create a treasury and promote your shop too. 

After you finish the treasury and publish it, click on each listing. Copy the URL (web address). Find the “Ask a question” button on the right hand side of the page. A conversation box will pop up with a subject about that listing in the title. Paste the treasury URL in the message box and type a note saying you created a treasury and featured their item. Some shop owners get a lot of traffic and some notifications get buried or missed. These messages will help people realized you featured them. 

Once you messaged each shop owner, make sure you favorited “clicked each heart” and favorited each shop. Pinning the treasury, posting to FB, and tweeting the treasury are all ways to increase views as well. 

It is always nice to comment, favorite, view each listing, and whatever other promo options you choose if you are featured in another person’s treasury. People are more likely to continue featuring you participate in their promotions too. 

First Triclosan. Now Microbeads.

Recently, I posted information about the Triclosan ban which the Gov. of Minnesota instituted.  Now The Gov. of Illinois banned microbeads from bath products.

This excerpt is from

CHICAGO (AP) – “Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation Sunday that he says gives Illinois the distinction as the first state in the nation to ban the sale and manufacture of soaps and cosmetics containing microbeads.

Synthetic plastic microbeads — billed as a way to exfoliate or scrub surfaces — are found in facial cleansers, body washes and even some toothpastes. But environmental experts have raised concerns of plastic pollution in waterways, saying microbeads can build up and accumulate toxic chemicals that could threaten the food chain.”

If you are looking to an alternative to ingredients that can harm the environment or cause health problems . . . Wait for it . . . You can try some of my natural, handmade products!  :) (My shop website is or you can click the big Etsy button to the right of this post.)

Sugar is one option if you want to exfoliate the skin and it boosts the soap’s lathering properties without containing those dreaded SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates).  Other exfoliating ingredients which I use are coffee and jojoba beads.  I love to use my honey soap to cleanse my face. Honey is naturally antibacterial.

Some of my other natural products which can be requested are my lotion bars and lip balm.

To take your beauty regimen to the next step, you could even try shampoo bars.  The one I use is made by another Etsy shop owner.  Other shop owners offer charcoal activated facial soaps and body butters.  You can even find deodorant which does not contain heavy metals.